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TerraHub Completes 100th Blockchain Event


TerraHub Completes 100th Blockchain Event

It’s been a busy couple of years for our team and we’ve just hit the 100th public speaking event this month, virtually. We had a bold dream: To take Blockchain from Hype to Happening, and we did it!

“TerraHub has been working with government, post-secondary institutions and startups to help determine the most impactful type of businesses that Calgary and Alberta need. Dan has brought together key community stakeholders to collaborate on teaching and launching blockchain technology to use it as a tool in attracting business investment in Calgary.” — Mary Moran, CEO Calgary Economic Development

We provided education programs, the ability to build prototypes, connect to local technical talent and business resources. Our events and roundtables were a rich source for connecting with peers and co-creating value.

In addition to blockchain, last year we started adding artificial intelligence programming and ran a new series of From Hype to Happening: To Take AI from Hype to Happening. TerraHub’s extensive partner community brought a full offering of services such as: design thinking, legal and audit impacts.

Inspired by those who came before us, we set out to change minds and attitudes and grew beyond our expectations. To those of you who wonder, how much impact can one person make, the answer is always: more than you can imagine. We all have our “moment of ambition” in which we can change the world.

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