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Elena Dumitrascu, CTO of Credivera

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Elena Dumitrascu

Dan Giurescu CEO Credivera

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dan Giurescu

Maggie Rigaux Credivera

Chief Growth Officer

Maggie Rigaux

Lindsay Golding CFO Credivera

Lindsay brings process and order through her love of numbers, spreadsheets, and reconciliation. She is a CPA and CA with over 15 years of accounting, tax, and finance experience from private start-ups to public international companies in both Canada and the UK.  

Leslie Newell Head of Marketing & Engagement Credivera

Leslie's innovative thinking paired with her creativity make her an unstoppable marketing leader. She  is our company and customer advocate! Her experience in B2B and B2C lends a passion for understanding and communicating to both types of customers and creates a seamless experience while inspiring the future of work through entrepreneurial, marketing, and community growth strategies. 

Dan Balan Credivera

Dan loves complicated data problems. His focus has always been on Information Science and Technology, managing the lifecycle of data quality and information processing. His deep understanding of data patterns, mathematics and technology make Dan a critical member of our team, one who can easily bridge new and old structures. 

Ben Inkster Head of Engineering Credivera

Ben’s passion is researching really complex puzzles with a customer-centric approach. He’s worked on large scale, multi-million user systems that cross international borders. Ben compliments our company’s ability to deliver a secure network that meets international regulations. 

Derek Johnson Head of Product Design & Development Credivera

Derek creates beautiful and useful products. His information design abilities and talent have contributed to thousands of happy users around the world. He loves serverless architecture, great design principles, and private blockchain! Derek complements our company’s ability to gain fast adoption across many industries. 

Andrew Jay Sr. Developer Credivera

Andy brings to the Credivera team a lifelong career in enterprise software solutions. Andy’s mentorship and leadership qualities are ones that our entire development team admires. As our resident security expert, he prides himself in building code that is clean, well-documented, and leverages the latest cybersecurity best practices.  

Stephen Rosinski Senior Developer Credivera

Stephen has managed multi-million dollar, complex implementation for Fortune 500 organizations and brings with him the professionalism, focus, and ability to identify and work on complex data problems. Stephen is a quick learner with a knack for conveying difficult concepts through storytelling. 

Stephen has managed multi-million dollar, complex implementation for Fortune 500 organizations and brings with him the professionalism, focus, and ability to identify and work on complex data problems. Stephen is a quick learner with a knack for conveying difficult concepts through storytelling. 

Calin Chirvase Software Developer Credivera Calgary

Calin is passionate about building intuitive and functional designs. As a recent graduate, he’s quickly growing into his developer role and applying his research in emerging web development standards to improve the  Credivera customer experience. He's a self-motivated learner, detailed oriented, and strong team contributor. 

Alexandra Bosomworth

Alexandra is a key member of all things marketing and is our go-to team member for handling a large variety of requests with diligence and ease! She brings her passion for brand and visual storytelling to Credivera where she designs and creates content for our community.

Trajano Reis Osorio de Barros of Credivera

Trajano has been in IT DevOps and Infrastructure leadership positions at startups as well as multi-national companies with diverse product areas including energy, finance, luxury retail and health care. Bringing enterprise-level maturity and discipline, adapting to startup needs and building high-performing teams is his forte.

Niall O'Driscoll Credivera

Niall brings to Credivera over 15 years of international experience in tech product management, product strategy and building product teams. His experience crosses a range of industries including e-commerce payments, fintech and digital banking, telecommunications, consumer software, digital stock media, and marketing and advertising.

Kelly Mcleod of Credivera

Kelly loves helping people. His authentic and honest drive to understand an organization's pain points in an effort to bridge the connection between technical and practical applications makes his role as Head of Merchant services integral to integration and growth. With a background in psychology paired with a dynamic operational career spanning several industries, Kelly's thirst for learning and connecting with people on an individual level bring a pro-active approach to the user interface.

Jim Faulkner

As our dedicated Program Director, James is passionate about ensuring that the transition from sales to implementation will deliver efficient transformation, value, and bottom line impacts for customers. James brings both Technical and business acumen to the Growth team with over 24 years of experience.

David Austin

David is the Head of Microsoft Partnership Co-sell. As a proven technology leader and account director with 10+ years of experience in driving growth and client success, David has extensive experience in identifying, cultivating, and closing new business in Fortune 500 and start-up environments.

Craig Goodwin

Craig is a decisive, versatile leader obsessed with building and execution. An experienced SaaS executive consistently delivering service and operational excellence, passionately dedicated to continual growth, and doing everything possible to help people and deliver on commitments. Craig seeks out opportunities, asks questions, connects people, and helps solve problems, bringing value in all that he does.

Yan He

Yan is our talented Senior Developer dedicated to blockchain full-stack software, specializing in building decentralized applications (DApps). Yan’s passion for building high-quality blockchain products, his focus on customers, and dedication to security makes him a strong asset to our team.

steve guevarra CFO credivera verifiable credential company

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Guevarra

Robert Forget

Chief Revenue Officer