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Credivera’s Summer of ‘WE’: Creating a high-growth culture grounded in giving and gratitude.

Credivera’s Summer of ‘WE’: Creating a high-growth culture grounded in giving and gratitude.


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Anyone who has been a part of a start-up knows that the pace of play is high, with creativity and passion fuelling us every day. The past couple of years brought the opportunity to look at our work and our lives and reflect on where all of this energy is being spent? How do we best support our high-performing team and connect purpose and values to well-being?

Credivera decided to adopt the principles behind the Me4We philosophy, enabling time to do good, to give more, and to elevate those around us. This took many forms, including:

              • time to catch up with the family, community, and those we care about
              • during the week we would be intentional about checking in with each other and wishing a warm “Good Morning” to all our teammates
              • each Thursday afternoon the #powerhouse-women-of-Credivera got together to chat life, career and everything in between.  DYK: Women are the majority on Credivera’s leadership team?
              • and on those sunny Fridays, we wrapped up early and enjoyed the outdoors, (because let’s face it – it’s Alberta and summer is short)!

As with any family, lots has happened this year for our employees from household moves, COVID-scares, and back-to-school so we wanted to make sure that everyone knew Credivera was a place where self-care, balance, and well-being were valued and precious.


So, what did we do?

We look back on the amazing ways in which we enjoyed growing the company and appreciated those around us, who fuel our minds and hearts and support us in being entrepreneurs:

Community: Alexandra embraced the decluttering trend inspired by Marie Kondo in 2020! Noticing that someone less fortunate could appreciate the things that she barely used but were taking up space in her home, she took trips to the Women in Need Society (WINS) and Value Village! Not only did she feel great about donating to someone in her community, but she also felt calmer in her environment with less stuff!

Spending Time With Seniors: Leslie used time on Fridays to check-in on the senior she volunteers with as part of the Seniors Resource Society. Margaret is 91 years old, and still lives in her own home! During the pandemic, in-person meetings shifted to phone conversations and having a flexible day allowed Leslie to connect at a more convenient time for Margaret, and see if she needed any additional support or supplies. These weekly calls, as with all volunteering, sparked new ideas and left both people with a sense of gratitude and joy.

#buylocal: Two heads are better than one! Hanging out on Zoom all day long can be tiring so Ben and Derek used the opportunity this summer to meet up on Fridays, share a plate of nachos and just hang out. Supporting the local neighborhood restaurant, creating time to connect, sharing each other’s dad-life chronicles, and blue-skying new product ideas allowed them to reenergize. #nachofridays

Supporting Future Entrepreneurs: This summer, Dan B worked with his son on design projects. One of those precious moments of a father and son creating something together.  His son now has a portfolio and a Conceptual ArtistPosition as he gears up for his first year of University this fall.  Learning from his dad, he is inspired to have his own company someday. Investing in our future entrepreneurs, with quality time.

Architectural Design Projects

Co-founders Elena and Dan G spent time with safety-analyst-turned-bakery-master, Melody of Itty Bitty Kitchy, as she built her business and a second career. Weekends at the Millarville’s farmers market or evenings on the phone talking legal, staffing, supply chain or simply lending an ear to an excited and sometimes exhausted fellow entrepreneur, were some of the ways Elena and Dan paid it forward.

DYK: Melody makes all of our Credivera’s birthday cakes? If you are looking for delicious and stunning cake designs, check them out!

Kind Gestures. From cooking and baking for each other to taking each other out for an afternoon of pampering, everyone on the team enjoyed these
mini surprises from their fellow colleagues. We are not just building a company together, we are building a family. For example, Maggie will always remember what you love most, where it’s artisinal jam or a spa day, and will make sure you get it!

Staycations: Creating flexibility to maximize summer weekends with family was the greatest according to Stephen! Visiting Calgary and Banff from
Lloydminister with a car full of tweens allowed them to enjoy our beautiful Alberta! We all know, a happy family is a happy colleague!

But Credivera isn’t new to making sure everyone is taken care of. During this past year, everyone came together and brought their A-game every, single, day, and so we looked after each other, helping on customer projects, picking up for each other to allow for the flexibility required to be moms and dads while scaling the company.

“Part of building a strong team comes from the foundations of a strong community. We value the investments our team have made this summer, and that we are building something bigger than any one of us.” Dan Giurescu, Founder, Credivera.

What are other companies saying?

Workplaces everywhere are looking to see how to balance remote and hybrid work models.

wellness works logo

One of Credivera’s customers, Wellness Works Canada, has great resources for employers looking to lead a high-performing culture such as their Work From Home Survival Guide. Victoria Grainger, the Chief Executive Officer of Wellness Works suggests supporting employees remotely by developing a mantra that connects purpose and values and performance to well-being.


“The flexible schedule allowed me to make appointments for my health that normally I skip. I started each Monday with more energy and ready to design and build our product with quality and pride.” Andy Jay, Senior Developer, Credivera.

benevity logoFellow Calgary technology company Benevity, released an announcement from their CEO that all their employees would be taking July 1 –7 off in a program called Me4We Days as a result of the languishing effect of COVID-19. This initiative paired well with their pilot project of Meeting-Free Fridays where they received feedback such as: “People have told us that these past couple of Fridays have been some of the most productive days they’ve had.”

How to Incorporate More ‘WE’ into your culture:

There are more ways than ever to get involved in the community. As we look ahead, we encourage you to put plans in place to incorporate ways to connect and contribute to your greater network

Volunteer As a Group:

  • Look at future holidays coming up such as Christmas, to see events taking place. Organizations are always looking for donations and volunteers.
  • Make connections with others, and volunteer as a group. Raise awareness as a team for the charity you are supporting.

Support Local:

  • Look at purchasing company swag or gifts from brick-and-mortar shops
  • Consider supporting a local business when purchasing your next gift! Whether it be for home decorations or purchasing food from farmers markets, supporting local businesses goes a long way.

Get Fit Together:

  • Chose a local charity walk or run to focus on well-being and helping a cause in your community!
  • Visit national parks in your area, to explore popular day hikes. Banff has not only beautiful scenery but hiking adventures for anyone. Ranging from a beginner level to advanced for those more experienced outdoor professionals.

Have you done something similar with your team?  Let us know!