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Like many countries around the world rapidly embracing the digital frontier, Canada is ready to actualize a digital identity solution on a national scale. Since early 2016, questions around implementing a digital ID framework have been pondered, as key stakeholders seek to uncover an approach that is ideally holistic, market-based, and addresses the full scope and scale of the challenge. The goal is to determine the feasibility and characteristics of a national and global interoperable verification platform that independently verifies digital credentials issued by a dynamic set of trusted issuers and utilized by a broad and diverse population of users. The

Credivera, a leader in workforce digital identity solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Mintz Group, a global leader in investigative, due diligence, and screening services to provide employers proof of workplace skills and certifications such as technical credentials, academic degrees, and work experience in the form of verifiable credentials.

Calgary, AB, August 10, 2021--Credivera is proud to announce its affiliate membership with PCA, Progressive Contractors Association of Canada. PCA represents and supports progressive unionized employers in Canada's construction industry. Focused on being the voice for these unionized employers, PCA is raising awareness around workplace concerns, ensuring members are heard, and finding collaborative industry solutions. With PCA’s commitment to building a competitive and innovative construction industry, Credivera is proud to be a part of this shift ensuring a verified and skilled workforce is on the job, every time.  PCA works hard to support its members who employ more than 25,000 skilled workers